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21 Mar

So close but yet so far…

Publié par future racing

So close but yet so far…

First leg of Stars of Karting series in Laval 28th February - 1st March 2015

This was the weekend every fan of karting had been waiting for. During the winter a lot of practice and preparation had taken place, god willing it would pay off. Marcus couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel and face all his rivals of the Minikart class. Some have graduated to the Minime class for the 9-12 years old, but competitive new entrants have joined the field so it will be interesting to see who will be at top of the charts in this exciting season.

The weather could not have been worse and it was horrendously challenging for everyone including the organisers throughout the weekend. The friday’s practice was in wet conditions and freezing cold weather. Marcus produced pretty impressive lap times and they were systematic which is always good news.

On Saturday morning the qualifying session was held in the rain which did not bother Marcus. He was in control and achieved the pole position to beat Capietto by 1.3 seconds followed by Vayron and Nau.

In the afternoon at least the weather had improved and the sun brought a smile on everyone’s face. The first heat was perfectly executed by Marcus who went past the chequered flag 1.5 seconds before his fastest opponent. The circuit was still very slippery for the second heat. Marcus was too gourmand, he turned the steering wheel too late, went wide and got stuck in the gravel. For the first time, he succeeded in pulling his kart back on the track, and recovered to sixth.

After a good night rest Marcus was ready to attack the circuit for the pre final on Sunday. The rain had returned and it was pretty heavy. There was a good few minikarts that slid off in the utterly saturated track. Marcus was lucky enough to stay on, take the lead and pull quite a pronounced gap of 8.1 seconds. Vayron was second and Devey-Gianessi came home third. Unfortunately Marcus had been a bit too anxious when the lights went off and he got a three-place penalty for a starting infringement. He lost his pole position and would be 4th on the starting grid for the final.

The final proved to be a very interesting race. It was absolutely breathtaking from start to finish. Marcus got a good start and Vayron followed right behind. There was also Nau and Dupont who weren’t going to give up the podium finish without a fight. These four drivers swapped positions faster one could keep count. There were some magnificent overtaking manoeuvres taking place throughout this final. Until the last lap everything was still going well as far as Marcus was concerned. He was behind Dupont in P2 and he tried to overtake in the penultimate straight coming into the “Airport” bend but he was pushed out by Dupont. He handled the kart and got back on track but he could only finish 6th. Vayron won ahead of Dupont and Devey-Gianessi.

The most upsetting factor of the result is that technical infractions were detected on Dupont’s kart, which resulted in the exclusion of the 2nd placed driver… It was hard to swallow for Marcus who got stuck behind Dupont instead of pulling away. Unnecessary nonsense like this should certainly not take place in children’s competition. Marcus was fastest during the entire weekend and it is a shame the final finished this way. It was time to look ahead at next week’s race, the Interclub at Angerville, in which Marcus shined last year.


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