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30 Sep

“The Rain Master” conquers victory and title in Soucy with an astonishing 14-second gap

Publié par future racing

“The Rain Master” conquers victory and title in Soucy with an astonishing 14-second gap

Marcus Amand won the final and secured the overall victory in the 2014 Sens trophy.

The rain certainly played a huge role this weekend especially on Sunday. It was very tricky for the mechanics in order to get the right configuration. For the drivers, the unexpected rain showers especially had a major impact.

Friday afternoon practice was a glorious sunny day but on the odd occasion, like there and then Marcus didn’t produce competitive lap times. Instead he just enjoyed intensely driving the Sens circuit, one his ultimate favourites. David the coach was still satisfied enough because they managed to try different things in terms of set-up.

Saturday morning early all the 17 drivers were present and ready to look for that ultimately best lap time. They had four sessions of practice and at the end of the day it was time to give it all for the qualifying session. It was very tight fight for the top four and Gabriel Jimenez managed to get there fastest by 0.066 seconds ahead of Marcus.

On sunday morning, there was no sign of sun or heat, instead we had a grey sky and it was pouring with rain. Marcus went off fully equipped for warm up and was surprisingly 2 seconds faster than the others. The rain stopped conveniently for the first heat where Marcus became second abd set the fastest lap. Fares Outalmit was well in his game and went on to take the chequered flag first.

For the second heat Marcus was wide awake and reached the finishing line first followed by Fares Outalmit. By the look of the lap times it was going to be an extremely tense fight among the first four all the way to the bitter end.

After a good lunch and siesta Marcus was ready for his pre final, but so was Evan Spenle. As per far too often Marcus missed his start and found himself 7th on the outside line. Spenle seized the opportunity and pulled away little by little, this time on a dry circuit and snatched the victory from Marcus. Apparently his set up wasn’t great for the track conditions so there was more work lined up for David before the final.

The rain came back vigorously just in time before the final. Marcus was highly determined, the visor of the helmet went down and there was no more talking just total concentration in silence. This time after the warm up lap he started marvellously. On the first long straight Marcus overtook Evan Spenle in style. From there on Marcus kept pulling away easily in atrocious wet conditions. He was a second per lap faster than the rest and left his contestants wondering..

Marcus executed his final in sublime precision. It was overwhelming to watch. He made no mistakes and came to the chequered flag 14 seconds before his closest opponents. The fight for the remaining places on the podium was exciting, at the end it was Fares Outalmit who took the second place and Evan Spenle became third.

It was a fabulous double victory weekend for an 8 year old Marcus. With the win of this race he also sealed the win of the Sens Trophy 2014.

Big thank you belongs to his superb coach David for all the hard work and efforts during this weekend. His relentless determination together with his passion for karting is admirable. With no shadow of a doubt David and Marcus form a top-notch team. The results alone speak for themselves throughout this season. Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. Hopefully the success story will continue. That remains to be seen in the Rotax Challenge Final in Angerville on 10-12 October…

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